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What is audiology?

Audiology is a medical specialty. It focuses on hearing and balance problems. It also helps with fitting and using hearing aids and other hearing devices.

The provider who practices audiology is called an audiologist. This is a healthcare provider with formal training and certification in assessing and treating hearing, balance, and communication disorders.

Signs that you may need a hearing assessment

  • You find it hard to hear people on the phone.

  • You have trouble following conversations when 2 or more people speak at once.

  • You have trouble following conversations in a noisy background.

  • You aren't sure where sounds are located.

  • You ask people to repeat themselves.

  • You have problems hearing or understanding when women or children speak.

  • Most people seem to mumble or not speak clearly.

  • You often misunderstand others and respond incorrectly.

  • Others notice that the TV volume is high.

  • You don't hear the phone or doorbell ring.

  • You don't take part in activities because of trouble hearing and understanding speech.

  • Friends or family members tell you that you are not hearing conversations or sounds.