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What is a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit?

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The Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is an annual prevention-focused visit between a patient and a primary care physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant. The visit is offered at no charge to the patient.

BJC ACO begins remote patient monitoring for patients with CHF or COPD

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In February 2021, the BJC Accountable Care Organization (ACO) began remote patient monitoring technology using Bluetooth-enabled devices and tablets to manage patients after being discharged from the hospital. Patients who have CHF and/or COPD with a recent hospitalization have been receiving the devices, but plans are to expand to additional diagnoses as well as those patients without a recent hospitalization.

BJC ACO: the quality of care went up while the costs of care went down

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BJC Accountable Care Organization (ACO) has once again improved patient outcomes while providing health care at a more efficient cost for Medicare beneficiaries, according to recently released performance data from the federal agency that administers Medicare. This has resulted in shared savings that will be distributed amongst ACO participants, including physicians and hospitals.