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  • Our team monitors the myriad of reforms and mandates (both proposed and enacted) coming out of Washington, D.C. In the wake of the November 2016 election, the health care landscape is set to experience a sea change once again.  These changes could have unintended consequences that can profoundly impact the provider-patient relationship and experience and we will weigh-in as necessary in the interests of our patients, their families and our employees.
  • BJC often stands at the epicenter of issues that impact our region.  We provide care for the poor and underserved.  We treat those impacted by gun violence.  We understand the negative health consequences associated with segregated communities, wealth gaps between zip codes, and other local challenges that impact health and stymy the ability for patients to access and receive care.  
  • Twelve of our hospitals are in Missouri and a large majority of our employees are Missouri residents. In fact, we are one of the largest employers in the entire state. When legislators and bureaucracies consider reforms to health care policy, employment law, and a host of other issues, we stand at the ready to ensure our patients’ and employees’ best interests are at the front of their minds.
  • Three of our hospitals are in Illinois. Lesser known, a full third of our patients at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and St. Louis Children’s Hospital are Illinois residents. And, a third of the employees at those institutions are also Illinois residents. Needless to say, what happens in Springfield is just as important to us as what happens in Jefferson City.
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