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We’re here for you! Our Childbirth Center is widely recognized for its excellent care. Ask our new families, and they’ll rave about their experiences here. We believe each birth and each family is unique and are committed to providing personalized care to you and your family during this exciting journey!

As member of BJC HealthCare we offer you a comfortable, friendly environment and the assurance that you will receive great medical care throughout the course of your pregnancy and delivery. Located in the heart of West County at I-64/40 and I-270, we are easily reached when your delivery time comes. Our Childbirth Center is managed by a dedicated staff of specially-trained, registered nurses and board-certified physicians, including obstetricians, pediatricians, certified nurse midwives, anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists. They work together as a team to ensure the best quality of care for you and your baby. In fact, our nursing staff’s exceptional work consistently earns the confidence of our providers and sincere gratitude from our patients.

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One Nurse for Mother and Baby: Ask any mom who has had their baby at MoBap, and they'll tell you: MoBap has extraordinary nursing care! We also believe the best care comes when you and your baby share the same nurse. And since baby rarely leaves your room, your nurse can focus her attention on both of you for true family-centered care.

Advanced Care for Baby: MoBap is prepared to handle premature babies, high-risk newborns and multiple births with a 24/7 staff of Washington University neonatologists and pediatricians from St. Louis Children’s Hospital in our Level 3A NICU, approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of Neonatal Nurses.

Comfortable Accommodations: We’ve designed the Childbirth Center at MoBap to feel more comfortable and less clinical. We offer private mother and baby rooms, with bathrooms and partner sleeping arrangements so your family can form that very important bond with your new baby. And our “Dining on Call” menu is available to you 7 a.m.- 7p.m. offering a full range of choices so you can order whatever appeals to you.

Support for Parents Before and After Birth: At MoBap, supporting healthy and happy babies begins with supporting the parents. We offer online classes to help guide parents each step of the way, including classes on pregnancy with multiples, childbirth, infant care and breastfeeding.

Lactation Support and Newborn Feeding Guidance: Our comprehensive lactation consultation services help new mothers breastfeed and pump while in the hospital and after discharge. Sometimes babies require more ongoing or complex feeding assistance after leaving the hospital or mothers have new feeding issues once they return home, that’s when our experienced occupational therapists (OT) in the Newborn Feeding Clinic are ready to support you and baby.

Missouri Baptist Medical Center

Childbirth Center at Missouri Baptist Medical Center

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