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Finding an obstetrician-gynecologist (Ob/Gyn) provider is an important first step in taking charge of your overall wellness and creating the childbirth experience you want.

Ob/Gyn and family practice providers at Parkland Health Center offer personalized, compassionate care to help you feel comfortable and supported through every stage of life. From routine gynecological exams to pregnancy care to treating menopause symptoms, we are here for you. And we’ve got a wide range of nationally recognized specialists and resources, across all medical disciplines in the BJC network to back

Welcome to the Childbirth Center at Parkland Health Center

Expectant mothers need support and understanding to help them throughout the course of their pregnancy. Our Ob/Gyns and family practice providers at Parkland Health Center are committed to helping their patients achieve a healthy pregnancy and childbirth experience, for both low- and high-risk pregnancies.

Part of BJC HealthCare and BJC Medical Group, our providers offer personalized, compassionate care for expectant moms, understanding their needs and concerns, and collaborating with them to support their desired birth experience.

You want only the best for your baby, and at Parkland Health Center, we offer the combination of medical expertise and compassionate care, right here at home. And in that rare case when something unexpected happens, we are prepared to care for you and your baby.

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Exceptional Staff: We offer a range of medical staff specifically to care for you and your baby, from prenatal care to delivery of your newborn and as your baby grows into childhood and beyond. Your care team will include obstetricians (OB physicians), experienced OB nurses, nurse technicians, specialized registered nurses and paramedics from St. Louis Children’s Hospital, epidural anesthesiologists available 24/7, pediatricians, and family practice physicians.

Comfortable, home-like accommodations: Newly updated rooms have been designed to provide a comfortable family-forward environment with free wi-fi, flat screen TVs, and a specialized food menu.

Specialty Care Partnerships: Through BJC Healthcare, we have partnerships with other hospitals including Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Missouri Baptist Medical Center and St. Louis Children's Hospital, to whom we can transfer care when necessary. The neonatologists (newborn specialists) at these hospitals are only a phone call away in the event of an emergency. Together, these resources provide you and your family with outstanding medical care and peace of mind when you choose to have your baby here.

Parkland Health Center

Parkland Health Center

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