Diversity and Inclusion

BJC HealthCare’s next phase of Campus Renewal is an opportunity to build on the success of our diversity and inclusion work in the design and construction community launched in 2013 during the first phase of the Campus Renewal Project.

BJC is partnering with the design/build team to forge a unified team of many organizations (McCarthy, CannonDesign, BR+A and others) with similar motivations and to align individual efforts around a single Project Specific Inclusion Plan (PSIP).

This plan created, reviewed and implemented by the BJC and design/build project team, is intended to serve as a new standard in design and construction diversity and inclusion. While the specifics of the plan are relevant to BJC’s Campus Renewal project, the methods of the program are intended to be shared beyond the project the continued growth of our community. Meet the Diversity & Inclusion Team.

From the outset of Campus Renewal, one of BJC’s primary goals has been to see the diverse firms in the St. Louis region emerge from their work with BJC stronger than when they went into the project. As a major consumer of design and construction services in the region, BJC is committed to being a leader in supporting a strong, viable and sustainable minority and women-owned business enterprise (MBE/WBE) market of health care construction consultants and contractors and an expanded minority/female workforce.

BJC Planning, Design & Construction (PD&C) will engage the healthcare planning, design and construction community through ongoing processes, policies and practices that will achieve:

  • A more diverse pool of design, engineering, and construction firms doing business with PD&C
  • A more diverse employee base among design, engineering, and construction firms doing business with PD&C
  • Increased capacity of qualified and certified local MBE/WBE design, engineering and construction firms to do business in the health care industry
  • Increased recruitment and employment of minorities and females in apprenticeship and internship programs to promote a more diverse workforce in the trades and professional community  

We are committed to transparency and will report on our progress throughout the project.

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