Capacity Building Warehouse

The BJC Capacity-Building Warehouse was created to identify and qualify minority business enterprise (MBE) and women business enterprise (WBE) vendors that demonstrate experience and capacity to work with BJC in the healthcare market.

The eventual goal, through projects and partnerships with BJC Toolbox vendors, is for the MBE/WBE vendors in the Capacity Building Warehouse to gain additional exposure in the industry, develop mentor/protégé relationships, and eventually find a path to become prime vendors in the BJC Toolbox. Meet the Diversity & Inclusion Team

Contact Information

All inquiries, including those regarding inclusion in the BJC Capacity-Building Warehouse, should send a written request via email to Contact Us. BJC will respond with a short Consultant-Contractor Quick Fact Sheet, which should be completed and returned to the email on the form. The completed Quick Fact Sheets will aid in our data collection and facilitate partnership opportunities.