Demolition Team

Kadean Construction - Construction Manager

Travis Mulder, Principal

Travis serves as the project director for the Campus Renewal Phase 2 project. He works closely with BJC, the construction team and consultants to support and execute all goals and expectations throughout the project.

Todd Waalkes, Project Manager

Todd has 15 years of experience managing large-scale projects across the country. He leads Kadean's onsite efforts, manages the schedule and budget and serves as the main point of contact for coordination among BJC, architects, engineers and subcontractors.

Ron Walton, Lead Superintendent

Ron brings 40 years of experience as a superintendent to the project and has been with Kadean for 20 years, having directed several projects for BJC over the past 14 years. He coordinates and directs daily field activities with the subcontractors, manages inspections, maintains safe work practices and implements infection prevention measures.

Deborah Kempf, Safety & Compliance Manager

Deborah joined Kadean in 2018 and has more than 15 years of experience in construction safety and training. In her safety and compliance oversight role, she manages safety training, site audits, inspections and investigations. She also ensures client safety and compliance and is the safety and compliance liaison between Kadean and BJC.

Larry Epstein, Superintendent

Larry coordinates and directs field activities associated with utility portions of the project.


Ahrens Contracting, Demolition

Roger Kent,VP of Operations

Doug Jewell, Project Manager

Joe Lewis, Safety Director


ABNA Engineering, Site Surveyor

Jonathan Roswell, Project Manager

ABNA Engineering provides detailed site surveys and monitors existing structures for any movement during the demolition phase.


Castle Contracting, Utility Excavating

Craig Dulle, Project Manager

Castle Contracting is providing excavation services for relocated, demolished and abandoned utilities included in the project, as well as detailed underground investigations during preconstruction.


Clay Piping Systems, Murphy - Mechanical & Plumbing

Dan Caldwell, Clay Piping Project Manager

Keith Dussold, Murphy Project Manager 

Clay Piping Systems and Murphy are providing all mechanical, plumbing and HVAC services for the Phase 2 Campus Renewal.


Gerstner Electric, Traffic Control

Steve Gerstner, Project Manager

Gerstner Electric is providing services for relocation of traffic control structures required to facilitate demolition operations.


Grant Contracting, Masonry and Precast

Brian Grant, Project Manager

Grant Contracting is installing new CMU walls throughout the project and provides brick veneer and precast infills of the adjacent buildings.


IMEG, Engineer of Record

Tony Zehnle, Project Manager

Tony serves as the project manager for the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and technology engineering design team on the Phase Two Campus Renewal Project.  Tony has 13 years of experience in the industry and has partnered with BJC on many projects over 10 years.



Kevin Roberts, Project Manager

Joe Cyvas, Environmental Technician

Intertek/PSI is providing environmental monitoring (noise, vibration, dust) and inspections to ensure a safe demolition site, as well as safety to the surrounding buildings and areas.


Midwest Elevator Co.

Brian Wright, Project Manager

Midwest Elevator has provided service to the Queeny Tower elevators for many years and is responsible for decommissioning them as a part of the demolition project.


National Safety Consulting

Steve Croce, Site Safety Manager 

Steve is the on-site safety coordinator, working with Deborah Kempf to provide safety and compliance support and oversight of the Kadean project crew and subcontractors. He performs safety inspections, site safety audits, site entry screenings, daily toolbox talks and more in support of safety on the project.


Niehaus Building Service, Framing and Drywall

Dave Giulvezan, Project Manager

Niehaus is providing framing and drywall services throughout the project.


OWH, Architect of Record

Rick Ottolino, AIA, Project Principal

Rick serves as the leader of the design team for the Phase 2 Campus Renewal Project working hand in hand with BJC, Kadean and the balance of the design team to dismantle Queeny Tower and keep the rest of the facility in operation. Rick has partnered with BJC on various projects for more than 40 years.

Jerry Sandza, AIA, Project Manager

Jerry serves as the project manager for the design team. He provides the day to day coordination between the design team, BJC, design consultants and Kadean.  Jerry has been partnering with BJC for more than 25 years.


PCI Filtration, Dust Protection

Tim Gamel, Project Manager

PCI Filtration is responsible for installation and maintenance of pre-filters on the all air handling equipment. This includes web-based sensors to monitor the filters' efficiency throughout demolition.


Presley's Glass - Temporary Glazing and Curtain Walls

Kory Kendrick, Project Manager

Presley’s Glass provided plexiglass window protection for the adjacent buildings and installed new curtain walls and aluminum egress doors.


Sledroc Construction, General Carpentry

Cordell Sawyer, Project Manager

Cordell, founder of Sledroc Construction, provides a wide range of general carpentry services, including drywall partitions, infection prevention barriers, temporary construction, doors and hardware, and ACT modifications. Additionally, Sledroc provided services for the architectural upgrades to the 11th and 12th floors of the Rand Johnson inpatient building at Barnes-Jewish during some utility rework.


Sitex Environmental, Inc.

Chris Byrne, Director of Environmental Services

Sitex provided project management and environmental consulting services for the abatement of Queeny Tower. Chris has been in the environmental consulting industry for nearly 30 years and is experienced in all aspects of asbestos/lead consulting. His responsibilities include proposal preparation, on-site inspections, project design for asbestos and lead remediation projects, QA/QC of final reports.


TD4/Guarantee Electrical, Electrical

Tommy Davis, TD4 Project Manager

Dave Fowler, Guarantee Electrical Project Manager

TD4 and Guarantee Electrical provided for new and relocated high, medium and low voltages systems throughout the project, including installation of 3 new 5 KV switchgear and refeeding secondary feeders to the 10 adjacent buildings on South Campus.


Wayne Automatic Sprinkler, Fire Suppression 

Sam Dierker, Project Manager

Wayne is providing services for new and relocated fire suppression systems throughout the project.